Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What is all this blogging about then?

Welcome all, to hopefully (if it works) my very first blog post!

I am not a technophobe and work with computers daily. I have looked at lots of blogs and really enjoy them but have never ventured onto my own.....until now!

This year is going to be a busy one for me! Me and my partner of 9 years get married in August, and although we can't wait, there is lots to do - mainly by me! I never did understand the male of the species but hey ho, it's life! Lee spends most of his free time COD'ing (no nothing to do with fish!) which I am sure quite a few of you will know as the game Call of Duty. It has become a mistress to him he spends that much time with it!

My daughter also starts primary school in September so that is another biggie this year! She is still very much my baby and I love her to bits although she does try my patience at times!

I am a type one diabetic (13 years now) and I went onto an insulin pump in October last year so I am still getting used to that.

I have just got into card making and I am hoping to use my blog quite a lot for this new found pastime of mine! I find it very relaxing and the time flies by when I am sat at my desk.

Anyway, that's probably enough for my first post. I'm gonna have a look around this fandangled diary and see how I can spice it up! Wish me luck.

Have fun!

Lesley x


  1. enjoy your blog Lesley I know i enjoy mine.......
    Ann x